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  1. Just curious, do you believe in Quantum Physics, and that everything is energy? Or even this: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/03/08/10-scientific-studies-that-prove-consciousness-can-alter-our-physical-material-world/ Apparently “energy” can do a lot of things, and I’ve experienced some pretty strange stuff over the years, but I tend to think that what I’ve seen (which came to pass in the future) is a product of “Time” being manmade, thus “future” is merely a descriptive term. I’ll tell you something interesting that occurred last year. I was awakened by a man briskly walking into the bedroom at night, his face extremely angry, heading straight for me, in a rage. I shouted and tried to get up out of bed so I could flee. My shouting woke up the husband, who also jumped up, alarmed. There was no one else in the room. That “man” looked like an old neighbor I hadn’t seen in over 30 years. I was relieved it had been a vision and not an intruder! The next day, I contacted my sister-in-law about the man I had seen, Paul. To my surprise she said she had just received a call from Paul’s wife, saying he had a heart attack and was on a ventilator at the hospital. A bit creepy. Furthermore, when my sister-in-law and my niece went to visit him at the hospital, the niece said he had the angriest expression on his face, and it scared her. No one knew why. Eventually, they did turn off life support on him. So how do I explain my vision? Did his energy come to me, in hopes I’d persuade his wife to turn off life support, or keep it on, or something else? Or…. did I mentally tap into his situation? Energy is fascinating. I personally feel that if the dead were able to contact us, my mom and brother would have contacted me. My brother always said that if he was able, he would give me the winning lottery numbers. LOL!! I’m sure if there is life after death, people will have better things to do than hang around the earth. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to linger here. lol

    • Hi eeks. I believe that all matter consists of energy and that energy can be created. I wouldnt believe in an afterlife until evidence exists and like you say, why wouldnt a more direct relative come back? But I also believe heavily in coincidence. The number 44 for example is a multiple number that keeps popping up in my life for no apparent reason. A bit like the words Bad Wolf did in Doctor Who. Ive seen it twice today already and remember your age when we use to hang out in chat. Of course 1-9 youd expect but a multiple number? Why? However i dont think its a message to myself through time in this case lol. There was a time i dreamt about a forklift catching fire at work and coincidentally we had a firedrill that day because one was leaking gas. So I have had similar experiences to you like this. Maybe as much as 10! But when you consider i am over 14,200 sleeps old 10 or even the 200 seems insignificant especially as a score or proof paranormal. I could be wrong…… but im waiting to be proved so 🙂 x

      • Yes, I hear you on that. 🙂 4 is my lucky number. lol The thing about coincidence is…. it still makes me wonder why I have a lot of these experiences while someone else may not? I’ve always had a lot of precognition, i even knew my brother was going to die 6 months after mom. And when my aunt and a friend died within a week of each other, I told Tom, “wait, it isn’t over yet. There is one more death coming soon.” The following week, my brother’s father-in-law died. I probably have a strange electromagnetic field, since I tend to affect electronics and especially car alarms when I’m very ill or upset. I’m guessing that certain EMFs might put you more in vibrational tune with certain energies. Just think, years ago they didn’t have proof about the energy of atoms, although they knew atoms existed. Who knows what they will discover in the future. I try to keep an open mind. 🙂

  2. When you get these feelings next it may be good to write them down. I use to keep a dream diary as well to see if any symbols related to anything in particparticular. (they didnt but it was fun remembering the dreams). Science has been wrong before and it will be wrong again, but like i say im still waiting.
    One thing i noticed when i became a ghost hunter for a couple of years is how peoples approach to me changed. Instead of saying ‘i know where its haunted’ it changed to ‘my mate knows where its haunted’.

    The worst thing about being the debunker was trying to explain to everybody what pareidolia was, and how they shouldnt smoke nor carry torches around the cameras. After one of them submitted these smoke ghost pics to the local paper and made us look idiots…i left the team in a hurry Lol.The photographers of the tabloid printed underneath exactly what i had told them it was. One to Jam 😉

    • Oh, wow, good for you! I’m glad you told the photographers what it really was. I’ve always thought most occurrences were pareidolia, especially EVPs. I try to stay openminded, but I’ve always been highly skeptical and logical. I stopped watching Ghost Hunters long ago. But there is one show I still am curious about, and that’s Haunted Collector. haha Entertainment purposes, only, though. 😉 Thanks for mentioning writing down the visions or feelings I get. I’m probably too lazy to do that. lol I don’t hold much faith in dreams, myself, nor the symbols in them. That being said, I just dreamt this morning that, in the future, they were going to use a device similar to a ghost box to communicate with people in a coma! Wouldn’t that be incredible if a comatose person could manipulate the frequencies to produce words. 🙂

      • Of course, I’m one of those fools who prefers to believe there is life after death. Just like I believe in love, although I cannot prove love nor explain it. It’s merely a word to describe an experience, feeling, emotion, etc… For me, it’s the same with spirit, and I’d like to believe there’s a purpose to this existence; otherwise I have some ass to kick

      • That would indeed be amazing. As a rationalist (im renouncing religion so not even using the word atheist) i have everything to live for as i believe thats all there is. Whereas believers of God have everything to die for and be close to their deity in the afterlife. Ill always be happy to accept i could be wrong and respect others beliefs as long as they never try to influence mine with theirs (sorry Mormons and Iehovahs Witnesses but i dont want to read your magazines. They have staples so dont even make good toilet paper)

      • I realized you renounced religions a long time ago, after reading some things you had posted. I’m surrounded by atheists here in the UK, so I’m used to that, and I don’t believe in pressuring people, I believe in kind actions. Tom doesn’t share my deity beliefs, but we respect each other so there’s no conflict. That aspect has worked out quite well. Actually, I’m not living to die, I’m living to spread love around, as the world desperately needs it. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I’m at peace on the inside. Not much upsets me anymore. Everyone has their own path to follow. It would be a boring world if we had no differences. 🙂

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