About Me

Hi all,

Jam here, welcome to my blog. I’m a humble working class male and author of the Literally Immersive Gamebooks series. I enjoy geocaching, anything zombie, gardening, web design, gamebooks and more than anything spending time with my lovely fiancee and daughters. I’ve added the video below as its a bit more interesting than my mugshot. I made it for my 40th birthday in 2016 but its an insight of not only my past but my hobbies as well. Have a good day, Jam

The Demonic Three

I’m one third of the trio of Fighting Fantasy fanatics known as The Demonic three along with Mark Lain and Steve Leicester. It is a title coined at the first FF fest, based on FF baddies Zagor, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr and you may know Mark and I by alter-egos Malthus Dire and Zharrajam Marr. (Steve wasn’t up for Stegor). Mark is an accomplished author of gamebooks himself now after creating the Destiny’s Role series and Steve is a dab hand at painting miniatures among other talents.

August 31st 2019 after Fighting Fantasy Fest 3

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