About Me

Hi all, Jam here, welcome to my blog. I’m a humble working class male and author of the Literally Immersive Gamebooks series. I enjoy geocaching, anything zombie, gardening, web design, bushcraft, aikido, angling, charity work, and gamebooks and more than anything spending time with my lovely fiancee and daughters. I’ve added the video below as its a bit more interesting than my mugshot. I made it for my 40th birthday in 2016 but its an insight of not only my past but my hobbies as well.

I’m a patron of the charities Women’s Aid, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation and BulliesOut. I further support other charities by fundraising, usually by sponsored walks or ebay auctions. These include PetsAsTherapy, Alzheimer’s Society, Combat Stress, Guide Dogs, and many more. Check those badges out!

The Demonic Three

I’m one third of the trio of Fighting Fantasy fanatics known as The Demonic three along with Mark Lain and Steve Leicester. It is a title coined at the first FF fest, based on FF baddies Zagor, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr and you may know Mark and I by alter-egos Malthus Dire and Zharrajam Marr. (Steve wasn’t up for Stegor). Mark is an accomplished author of gamebooks himself now after creating the Destiny’s Role series and Steve is a dab hand at painting miniatures among other talents.

August 31st 2019 after Fighting Fantasy Fest 3

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    • Hi Zayne. Becoming somewhat disillusioned with Facebook. They seem to pander to whinging celebrities but not personal attacks. Zuckerberg has an army of arseholes.

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