I am the author of the Literally Immersive Gamebooks. *25% of all profits will be donated to the Eden Reforestation Project. Every £0.08p of that portion will plant a new tree! 🌳🌲🌳🌲

The first, First Year At High School was released August 2020. You can order a copy from Amazon CLICK HERE

This gamebook is a little different to others. For starters it doesn’t have intricate cover art. I tried to make it look like those old coursework books we had. Also, the refs aren’t too mixed up like in a generic gamebook, it’s set out more like a school test, adding to the theme.

Fun facts: Based on real events that happened to author or other kids in class. Was written in haste when a different gamebook got shelved. Cover was chosen to make it look like a school coursework book. Was written in a ‘multiple choice’ style to make it feel like a school test, rather than traditional gamebook style of vastly mixed refs.

Book 2, Paranormal Hero, is an interesting adventure whereby you play as a psychic medium. Armed with three paranormal abilities (you can choose from six), can you solve the mystery of Crowley Rectory? CLICK HERE to buy.

Fun Facts: Based on my two favourite FFs, House Of Hell and Dead Of Night, as well as the famous Borley Rectory haunting. Each reference took an average of fifteen minutes to type up. The Barghest is a photo of Libra, the dog of the author. Had three proof readers, unlike the first book which had one.


Book 3 – The Druids Of Pneuma, an old school sword and sorcery adventure reminiscent of Fighting Fantasy. With illustrations by Pat O’Neill, Mike Tenebrae and Fighting Fantasy illustrator Malcolm Barter! BUY IT HERE

When I was a child, I loved interactive adventure books. Thesedays I write my own, including Jamthology. Complete with four amazing adventures, this is an ideal gift for anyone of a reading age. All the profits will go to the charity St Jerome’s Centre. CLICK TO BUY