Storymaster’s Tales

Every fortnight, I take part in The Storymaster’s Tales Interactive Theatre. Created by celebrated games designer Oliver McNeil and featuring narration by Tom Baker, this online sensation is played via webcams (or Palantir’s) on Zoom, although the community is based on Facebook. CLICK HERE

I have been an active player since the maiden show in late 2020. It is set in 1750s England, and players get to determine their character’s name, class and background. I chose to be a Gentleman Thief. The premise is that your character finds a magic crystal ball, which the grand wizard Quazimore communicates with all the players through, leading them on quests containing magic, mystery and monsters. It is very much like Knightmare meets Torchwood, with high production values of set design, visual fx and puppetry.

With players from all over the world, the community is beginning to thrive, but there is always room for more. If you would like to join in. Click here to chat with us for more info. In this next clip, we had to avoid the death card in a mystical Russian Roulette style stand off with the villainous Forsythe, under the power of a Necromancer. Ever the gentleman, Half-head Harry chose last.


It’s really quite straightforward to join in. Think what class you’d like your character to be, there are many to choose from, Soldiers, Witches, Nobles, Redcaps etc. After you have chosen a character which interests you, think of a name for them. It is then time to get creative and write a little background on them. This can be daunting if you are new, but you can contact Olly Mc via messenger and he will help, review and integrate your character into the community.

For example my character –

Name: Halfhead Harry (Harry Meadows)

Class: Gentleman Thief

Background: After an economic disaster robbed Harry of his wealth, making ends meet with theft and poaching was his only way to support his family. Now as a palanteer of Quazimore’s, he uses his nimble skills to aid fellow questers defending the community against evil fae.

If you have any questions, our amicable and helpful players will gladly answer any questions.